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Annenberg School of Communication of USC Survey

Dear ALF Team Member


The Aerospace Legacy Foundation is working with a student group from the Annenberg School of Communication at USC on membership communication.


As an Alumni of this program, I am honored that they chose to work with ALF membership chair for their team project.


Your participation would be greatly appreciated as they receive credit for this survey that is part of this  assignment.

The survey we are posting on our website serves to understand the status of our membership program and improve communication.


It will take about few minutes. Please share your best ideas for the future of ALF, and the space enthusiasts community. Your responses will be completely anonymous and confidential.


The survey link :


If you have any questions about the survey or any input you want to add, please email us at


If you have any questions on the ALF involvement with this survey, please email me at gflorez@alumni.usc


We really appreciate your input!


Gil Florez Jr

ALF Membership Board Member

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