Board of Directors


The Aerospace Legacy Foundation is lead by an Executive Board of five directors. These directors are elected from a nominated

candidate list by the membership every two years. In addition to the Executive Board an Advisory Board was formed in 2007 to provide guidance and direction to the Executive Board.

Arlene Busby Head Shot.jpg

Arlene Busby

Arlene started her Presidency in January 2017.  She took over as President after her duly elected (2016 election) husband James M. Busby who was to start his Presidential term in January 2017 died  in June 2016.  Arlene is currently in her second term. 

Stan Barauskas Head Shot (2).jpg
Vice -President

Stan Baraskaus

Membership Chairman

Stan has been a member of the BOD since 2005 As our director of membership Stan has had a long and illustrious career in Aerospace Engineering. Many of his years were also spent at the Downey site.

Matthew Monahan Head Shot.jpg

Matthew Monnihan

Outreach Chair

Matthew has been Treasurer since 2019

Timothy Cassidy-Curtis Head  Shot.jpg

Timothy Cassidy Curtis

Tim has been Board Secretary since 2020.

Seth Potter head shot.jpg

Seth  Potter

Organizational Liaison

Seth joined the BOD in 2019

Advisory Board

Executive Advisor

Gerald Blackburn

Gerald Blackburn is a Founding Member of the ALF and Past President. He is an Aerospace Engineer who worked at the Downey site for 40 years. He currently is a Director of the Columbia Memorial Space Center Foundation.